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淺論中美飲食文化的異同《Diet Culture differences between China and Ameri

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淺論中美飲食文化的異同《Diet Culture differences between China and America》 Abstract : Food is central to all societies and life styles. The changes in food culture reflect changes in the larger culture. Dietary culture is the sum total of human dietary behavior, conception, and its products. It shows human natural choice and dietary way of life which is suited to the nature and human environment through common practice. Cultural differences between China and America created the differences of food culture. This paper will discuss the main differences between Chinese and American food culture by the daily diet characteristics, dietary concepts, the dietary etiquette and the diet culture differences cause. Key words: food culture diet characteristics dietary concepts etiquette 美國論文范文1.Daily food characteristic comparison 1.1China Daily food characteristic The Chinese diet is consummate, and the process is complete, rigorous, in addition to these, its cooking methods such as complex and changeable characteristics in the world history of cooking is a monolith. All these lead to the unique food culture. In Chinese daily diet, the staple food is rice, noodles and miscellaneous grains. And the main dishes are livestock, poultry, vegetables, aquatic products, seafood and dry. They pay more attention to vegetable and meat collocation, advocating complementary collocation, color, smell, taste, shape, texture, such as the organic combination of the raise. There are all kinds of cooking methods, such as decoct, fry, blasting, fry, boil, and burn it, from, bake, rinse, stewed, smoked, boiled, steamed halogen, etc. So dishes change much. The Chinese dietary system includes three meals and each meal includes staple food and cooked food. A typical Chinese meal starts with some cold dishes, like boiled peanuts and smashed cucumber with garlic. These are followed by the main courses, hot meat and vegetable dishes. Final soup is brought out, which is followed by the starchy "staple" food, which is usually rice or noodles or sometimes dumplings. Many Chinese eat rice (or noodles or whatever) last, but if you like to have your rice together with other dishes, you should say so early on. . 1.2 American diet characteristics The United States is a typical immigration country. Since the Columbus discovered America in 1492 after the mainland, a few countries of Europe began to immigrate constantly to North America, pioneering colonies. With the development of local economy, at the same time they take the life habits , the cooking skills, and so on to America, resulting in that American cooking can be regarded as the combination of north and south. Each region or nation has its various flavor dishes in the American food market. The American diet is popular, three meals of a day more informal. They would like to eat quickly, conveniently, with the nutrition intake but don't pay attention to subtle aspects. We would think of hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc immediately when we talk about American food. However, in fact, the food of their diet is more ample than what we imagine. The time of Americans eating three meals and the Chinese are basically the same. The content of breakfast is mainly cereal, milk, bread, sausages and Lord; Lunch is more casually, most people will have some fast food in the workplace, such as sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.; But dinner is more delicious, people will pamper themselves after a whole busy working day, which is regarded as the only formal family reunion dinner, usually having a little dish, such as steak, barbecue, fried chicken, matched with some green vegetables and fruits, staple food for bread, rice, etc. Before sleeping, the American people also eat some snacks, fruits as food taken late at night. http://livesitehelp.com/mglw/ Seen from the taste, the American people is very light. The taste of the food generally is salty and sweet, what is more , their cooking meat dishes are eliminated, fish bones first to skull and spur, shrimp crab shell. Americans hate to eat pig's knuckles, fat, chicken feet, liver and so on. In this point , it is quite different from the Chinese. They seldom put condiment in cooking, in most cases the soy sauce, MSG and spices would be putted on the dinner table which is free to yourself. 代寫美國論文2. Dietary conception comparison 2.1 The Chinese dietary conception: Chinese folk has a saying: " People regard food as their prime want ". From this proverb we can have a knowledge of the food’s position in the Chinese. In the world, the Chinese recipe is quite wide. And they will eat things as long as they can eat. According to experts’ research, the Chinese vegetables kinds is six times more than American’s. In the cooking process, Chinese people usually pay attention to aroma, color, and taste .And the second attention is well-balanced nutrition collocation. In this point, we can also know the Chinese sensibility, and they have increased the level of diet to art. To the dining format, Chinese people often sit around a table with chopsticks to take the same dish respectively. This dinning format reflects the Chinese classical philosophy idea—— "和" ,http://livesitehelp.com/mglw/ and reflect the values of the Confucian culture, namely collectivistic thought . 2.2 The American dietary conception: In the United States, people's value of time is very strong, so they pay more attention to the quality than to the quantity in food. When various delicacies are gathered at the same time, Americans think highly of pragmatism which is related to efficiency. Their pragmatism mainly embodied in the following aspects: The first aspect is health, because Americans are increasingly aware of the importance of diet to the health. In the same time the Americans also gradually go away from so-called "junk food." The second aspect is money. In food and clothing lives row in, Americans are more willing to live in a environment with tourism, entertainment. The last one is “quick and convenience”. Because they believe in "Time is money". American people are generally less willing to cook in the home. And dishes’ color is in the second place. In this point , we can also see that Americans are more prefer to rational diet idea. They regard the food only as a means to satisfy one’s hanger. To the dining format, the United States advocate the values of individualism. 美國論文-3.Dietary etiquette comparison 3.1 The Chinese diet etiquette: China is known as "formal state" ,and they speak highly of the etiquette. The arrangement of the seat and the order of serving dishes all reflect the etiquette. The older or respectable people would be present first. And during the diner, the Chinese people like liveliness, everyone sit together and toast each other. In the restaurant , people would struggle to pay after eating, this phenomenon also shows the important position of the word—— "face" in Chinese idea. 3.2 The American diet etiquette: Compared with the Chinese people, the American people don’t pay more attention to the etiquette. However they also have their own unique dietary etiquette after all. In the United States, "ladies first" is the principle which they observed to arrange for seats. The order of serving dishes is usually that arrange the outside first and then arrange the inside . When having dinner, only the hostess begin to eat, then other people start to eat. In the process of eating, Americans prefer to be quite. If in restaurants, Americans often take the AA system, each pay my bill. 代寫美國論文4.The dietary culture differences cause comparison There is a significant difference between the two countries’ dietary content and dietary idea, but what is the reason that results in the difference? In my opinion, the difference between the two countries’ dietary culture reflect the people’ values and thinking mode differences in different culture background. Culture is the source of different thinking and different values. In a nutshell, the main difference between Chinese and America eating habits is that unlike, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. If you are being treated by a Chinese host, be prepared for a ton of food. Chinese are very proud of their culture of food and will do their best to give you a taste of many different types of cuisine. Among friends, they will just order enough for the people there. If they are taking somebody out for dinner and the relationship is polite to semi-polite, then they will usually order one more dish than the number of guests. If it is a business dinner or a very formal occasion, there is likely to be a huge amount of food that will be impossible to finish. Bibliography: 1.Banton,L.L.and Linda Lee.1999.The Multicultural Workshop .Beijing : China Machine Press.